Notions the Carnival Edition

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Notions the Carnival Edition

This is a compilation of messages we got through our social media channels and on private messages. We're keeping the comments anonymous in order to respect the privacy of those who attended the event.

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  • "Thank you for having me, it was a really fun night and a great crowd to perform for!! See you all soon :)"

  • "Thank you so much and congratulations, all of your work paid off. It was an amazing event and I was glad to be a part of it x"

  • "Thank YOU for such an incredible night!! it was truly incredible and I just know every single person had the best night ever!!"


  • "All kinds of wonderful"

  • "Thank you and thanks again for an amazing night. It was very special. Did wonders for my confidence. X"

  • "I have not one picture, that's how fun it was!"

  • "It was the bestest of the best"

  • "Soooo much fun!! Thanks for organising such a wonderful night."

  • "Had a great time, thanks for the invite, and for organising the event, so nice to see something with some actual personality happening in town!"

What is Notions?

It's a new queer club night in Waterford to let your freak flag fly.

It's a space of freedom, where you can wear your maddest rigout, dance like everyones watching, see some human art displays and just have a big aul play!

It's a place of positivity and queerness.

Our aim is to make everyone feel safe enough to get freaky and fun and fecking wild!

This version of Notions was filled with vinyl DJs spinning the decks, drag queens, hula-hoop, GoGo dancing, experimental film and live painting.



Will Notions happen again?

Notions is happening twice every year, with different editions every time! Keep your eyes peeled for the Samhain edition 👽

Will Notions be similar every time?

While every Alien:Nation event will be true to the same core values, we are committed to keeping things creative and expanding the collaboration network with local artists.

Where can I provide feedback about the night?

Nice, we love feedback! Feel free to send us a message using this contact form.

I'd like to perform in one of your events, who can I talk to?

Thanks for considering collaborating with us 👽❤️ You can get in contact through this form or our Instagram. Looking forward to chatting with you!