Club Night Guidelines


Just to keep things safe our doors will open at 10pm and then close at 12:30am. The night goes on until 2am of course, but to keep our party goers safe and happy, we will be closing the doors to the public at 12:30am.

Dress code:

To be honest, there's no dress code! While we encourage you to go wild, it's totally ok if you feel like going dressed like your everyday beautiful self.

Have fun!

We mean, this goes without saying of course, but we want you to have the night of your life, so be free, be cute, have fun and dance! If there is anything you need help with on the night please contact the bar staff, tell a friend, or find an alien x

No phone pictures: 

We want our Club Nights to be a place of freedom, fun and no fonez snaps. We will pop a little sticker over your phone camera at the door so everyone can remain elusive, free and have no fear. A photographer will be available on the night if you do want to get papped. 

Consent is sexy:

Interactions with people are bound to happen but never put pressure on someone to interact back. If you want to engage with individuals ie dancing, buying a drink, messing, please always ask for consent beforehand.

Don't touch the performers: 

Whilst we do have an interactive painting section, as before please ask before interacting, our performers are not toys. Please do not touch, drag or grab the performers as this creates a feeling of unease, and it's just not cute!

Respect the vibe:

The atmosphere we have created is purposeful. If you ever find anything too much and need a moment to chill out, we have designated a more relaxing space upstairs for you to kick back, chill out and decompress.